A Challenging Test for Golfers of All Skill Levels.
Golf Creations of Marengo, Ill., recently finished renovations on our jewel of a golf course. The golf course has undergone some major renovations: the bunkers have all been fully-restored and are now tour quality, our cart paths have been replaced where needed, mature trees were thinned out to make the course more playable, forward tees were added where needed and a state of the art practice area was added to the driving range. Since the course was renovated in two phases, Golfers were able to continue playing through most of the project.

Par: 5 | Men's Handicap: 11 | Ladies' Handicap: 1

Driver or Fairway Wood off the tee, favor the left side. Par 5 – so you can risk it and go for the green in two or lay-up for an approach.


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